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Alvaro Barbosa from TotalPlan Porto

My dear friend  David,

I don’t even know how to start this message of mine because, there are no words to explain what I’ve felt during the period of time I was in Bangkok for the 15th WCA Conference + 5th WCA Family Annual Conference.   I did need to leave early before the Conferences actually started.  Your people starting with Douglas and all the others, some in copy and some not in copy too,  took care of me just as if my problem with my Mother’s health was their Mother’s too.  I’ve never experienced such solidarity  and humanity without expecting nothing back from me apart from a special thanks with no more adjectives.   As a matter of fact and, as stated before, nothing will be enough to express my gratitude for all your concern about me and mainly about my Mother’s health and condition.  THANK YOU FROM THE DEPTH OF MY HEART AND ALSO FROM MY FAMILY TOO.

If there is a time to express my feelings about you and all the MEMBERS of WCA Family now is the time!  Never ever has the word / expression  FAMILY made more sense to me than by the time I was approached by all of you, wondering about my personal condition and about my Mother’s health. 

May GOD bless you all no matter your faith, even knowing that what I’m now saying couldn’t be compared with your attitude and the behavior of all my friends and partners who were aware of the situation.  

By the way, my Mother is now trying to recover step by step and I’m praying every single day for her and for all of you!  THANK YOU ALL ONCE AGAIN. 

Thanks in advance for all your kind support, co-operation and understanding, always at your disposal, looking forward to hear from you soon.

Alvaro Barbosa  

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