WCA China Global

Member Benefits

WCA China Global – The best quality independent freight forwarders in China and their  partners worldwide, building trust and long-term relationships. The speed and scope of WCA China Global’s success is unique giving members a vital edge in trading into or out of the world’s most dynamic economy. 

Nearly 1060 members WORLDWIDE, WCA China Global is the only network with established credibility in the Chinese market. WCA China Global, partnering with CIFA, (sponsored directly by the Ministry of Commerce) the country’s top organization for forwarders, makes this the premier network in China.

Accentuating its industry-leading position, WCA China Global's founder David Yokeum was voted one of the Top Ten Logistics Industry Figures by the China Shipping Gazette in 2006. As a division of the WCA group, WCA China Global provides shippers and buyers with a forwarding network of LOCAL professional companies that know their business and yours. WCA China Global members have the expertise, care and skill to handle your shipments on both ends of the movement.
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